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High Tech Training for Unemployed, Older Person, Hard to Reach.


Who we are

We are a High-Tech training centre for students :- at school who want work experience, those who have left school and not in education, employment or training (NEETs), those who have been long term unemployed, older people, single parents, probationers and those classified as "Hard to Reach".

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What we offer

We offer ten day (60hr) training/work appreciation courses designed to give students a basic knowledge and 'hard skills' in manufacture /engineering/system assembly they may need on joining a High-Tech Manufacturing/
engineerering company.


How we offer

The courses offered are listed below and cover some of the most popular Hi-Tech manufacturing/engineering industries. Special courses can be arranged to match particular skills. A description of each course is available and worksheets can be provided on request.

Latest news:-

To see when and where courses are running look here.

Suitable Applicants Include:-

These courses are particularly suitable for NEETs, long term unemployed, older people, single parents, probationers and those hard to reach.


  • Solar and Wind - Energy harvesting.
  • Digital CCTV systems for IP Security and Monitoring including video analytics.
  • Print Manufacture for Engineering.
  • Instrument wiring and system assembly.
  • Factory Management and Administration.
  • Optical fibre communications.
  • Robot design for manufacturer/control.
  • Satellite Broadcasting and DATA.
  • Innovation, starting a new company.